Childrens Authors' Websites (for Website Review Project)

A list of Authors sites:
Beverly Cleary:
Dav Pilkey:
Mary Pope Osborne of Magic Treehouse:
Jeff Kinney of Diary of a Wimpy Kid :
Judy Blume:
Roald Dahl of James and the Giant Peach
Lemony Snickets site!
The Fly Guy and other books!
Rick Riordon -

Go Fo Grammar Gold!

KNOW THE HYPE WHEN YOU SEE IT? This site teaches you about advertising!

KEYBOARDING/TYPING GAMES Who Said Typing Can't Be Fun? Try it!

FUNBRAIN- Been around a long time... Actually this is where the "Whimpy Kid" series got started! :)

‍ - Same company with the books! You'll find many games here!

FUN THEORY! ( video and writing prompt)

Watch this to learn what about wikis and why you should use one!

Out on a Limb - Learning about getting along website! :-)