NETS - Building Cubes!

Graphing practice!

Mean, Median, Mode

IXL interactive site for Language Arts

13 COLONIES MAP INTERACTIVE - Thank you to Mr. Nussbaum!

John Smith Adventure.... a GAME by: National Geographic

WORLD MAP GAME Copy Cat (like Simon)

Colonial Days - Thinkquest - Projects by kids for kids

Kid Amercan History - colonial life

Animated Atlas ( a movie that explains the growth of the U.S. after the Revolutionary War)

Sign the Declaration of Independence!

True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Test


Branches of Power GAME

Writing a Introductory paragraph for Persuasive essay.
Argument Wars- Make arguments for a supreme court judge regarding the constitution.

YouTube video Constitution song


Mouse and the Motorcycle Webquest

Virtual field Trip to Ellis Island

Glogster! Create a digital poster!

Try these reading lessons!

Easy Bibliography website

Free eBooks by Project Gutenberg

Figurative language game!

KNOW THE HYPE WHEN YOU SEE IT? This site teaches you about advertising!


RADIO DAYS WEBQUEST A brief history of communications technology!

PODCASTING 101! This is a link to my blogspot~ 5 PEAS IN A POD

Here 5th grade students have written and recorded plays. They understood that they had to come up with the sound effects to make an audio file work. We explore the history of radio in the above webquest. So they are familiar with the famous War of the Worlds radio broadcast before embarking on this adventure.

Not sure if the info you found is actually true? Then check it at

Explore Virtual Worlds

Ed-Heads- Activate Your Mind! - - Simple Machines and Weather OR Try to do knee surgery or collect crash scene evidence!

Mission US - A revolutionary way to learn US History- Virtual trip

Computers: Past, Present and Future - A site that was created by students about computers

BLABBERIZE! Do you have a picture available? Try this! It only takes a few minutes, but you'll need a microphone too! - awesome place to find sounds for just about anything!

Cartoonster- Tutorials about animation!

Computers: Past, Present and Future

Cyber Safety -

Risk Assessment

7 Ways to Block Cyber Bullies

Harcourt series _READING


A site that allows you to write your own game!


Script Frenzy